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How to Spot Email Phishing?

One of the most widely exploited aspects of exploiting the vulnerability of both personal and enterprise online security is good old email phishing. To keep.

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How to Protect Your Sensitive Business Data from Leakage

Communication, contact, and teamwork are being simpler than ever in the modern industry. But as we digitalize and run on the web, so does the.

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10 Things to Know About SMB Cyber Security

No matter how big or small your business is, cyber security is of fundamental importance if you want to protect your employees, partners, clients, and.

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Firewall management best practices
Firewall Management Best Practices

Regardless of how big or small your business is, one thing is a fact – without an efficient and strong firewall, you are more exposed.

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SMB managed firewall
Do SBMs need a managed firewall?

Did you know that the global average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million across SMBs? Regardless of the location from which your.

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ASA to Palo Alto Migration

Introduction The next-gen firewall market is very dynamic but in the recent years there has been one vendor that really made an impact on the.

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Firewall hardware
Top 10 NGFW Vendors of 2021

Firewalls are an integral part of any organization as they help protect your data, content, and IT systems in general. Even if your business isn’t.

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Firewall-based Ransomware Protection

Small and middle size companies IT Security is often neglected until it is too late and there is a breach. Quite similar to human health.

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How to choose a NGFW?

With the evolution of technology and the digital space, business today operates predominantly online. This means that most organizations are highly dependent on network security.

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SME / SMB firewall pick
Top 5 Firewalls for SMB

Running a business is challenging enough, but the reality is that increasing your database of clients and promoting your products or services is not all.

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