You might be planning to add a firewall to your network. You might already have multiple interlocking systems set up.

Whichever is the case, make use of our extensive knowledge and experience!

Firewall Audit & Assessment

Most breaches happen not due to vulnerabilities, but from misconfiguration and lack of maintenance. We will:

  • Review your security policy, firewall infrastructure, architecture and configuration
  • Make it clear what you have and how it runs, with diagrams and documentation
  • Identify firewall-related vulnerabilities and improvement opportunities
  • Determine the actions necessary to be compliant, achieve your goals or meet requirements
  • Suggest automation of time-consuming processes
  • Suggest industry’s best practices

We are long-years experts in Cisco ASA / Firepower / FTD, Palo Alto, Check Point and Fortinet.

Firewall Training

Troubleshooting and TAC case support

Some problems cannot be solved by any means of debug or troubleshooting from the client or 3rd party. A TAC Case with the vendors has to be opened, however the more accurate the debug and the description of the case is, the faster TAC manages to fix it. By trusting us to debug your issue and in case TAC needs involvement, we can build the case structure properly and assist you with the tough correspondence with the vendor support.

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