No matter whether you need deploy a standalone, high availability, or a cluster of firewalls, we will set up the right devices in full accordance with your network architecture requirements. We will:

  1. Plan the deployment according to your requirements;
  2. Suggest the right devices and their place in your network;
  3. Set up and configure devices according to vendor’s best practices;
  4. Fine tune, add custom IPS/IDS/snort rules and policies;
  5. Update, upgrade and patch your software;
  6. Set up scheduled tasks, automation backup and auto update;
  7. Test device’s performance, rules and health.

We provide detailed documentation and do team trainings for continuity purposes.

NGFW Deployment Challenges

This is how we help our clients overcome some of the most frequently faced challenges:

  • Overpriced and oversized hardware –  we advise on the exact size;
  • Unused licenses  – we put your expensive licenses to work;
  • Cost effectiveness – your deployment will be carried in a timely manner.

From small office to worldwide firewall deployments – our specialists have the right knowledge.

What our customers get?

Ever since Cisco Systems acquired Sourcefire and rebranded it to Firepower, our experts have been at the forefront of the implementation and deployment of this technology. With expertise coming from thousands of hours working with hundreds of firewalls, we have united to create a team of experts that fills the gap between the old and new generations of firewalls.

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