Firewall Update & Upgrade Services

Even the next generation solutions require regular patches, updates, and upgrades. Let an experienced engineer  handle the routine for you and free up resources from your busy IT department.

We usually start with one-time maintenance and offer a yearly subscription.

One-time maintenance – get the job done quickly and professionally, pay for what you’ve used with no further obligations.

Yearly subscription – our engineers will keep a remote eye on your firewalls, perform updates, upgrades patches on a monthly basis, and report to you.


*Our subscription customers also enjoy lower prices and faster access to our workforce.

Firewall Training

Why Should I Update?

If your firewall equipment is not up to date in terms of software and hardware, your business may face the following risks:

  • Lack of compliance;
  • Bugs and Exploitable vulnerabilities;
  • Lack of new, more advanced features;
  • Lack of technical support;
  • Insufficient visibility and reporting.

Avoid the obvious risks by keeping your firewall up to date.

What Are the Challenges?

Our certified engineers will follow vendor’s best practices and our proven checklists to make sure you…

  • Minimize downtime by utilizing the right maintenance windows – outside working hours;
  • Avoid downtime completely – by performing zero-downtime upgrades;
  • Get useful documentation and track all configuration changes  – for future reference.

Skipping any step will result in major headaches in the future!

How We Do It

Our engineers will perform the updates more efficiently then someone not familiar with the technology. They will:

  1. Check the release notes;
  2. Back up configuration and software;
  3. Perform the changes outside your business hours;
  4. Check health status and services after upgrade;
  5. Document and report – the equipment’s version before and after, the configuration changes and more

We will also advice you on improvements, integration and automation options within your infrastructure.

Get Your Firewall Updated Today

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