Your intrusion detection and prevention system is not a plug and play device – to deliver maximum security and ROI, it has to be professionally set up,  continuously monitored, and properly managed. There are many reasons to have one in your network:

  • Thorough visibility of the network and app threats;
  • Ability to prevent attacks and data leaks;
  • Industry regulations and government requirements.

Get rid of false positive alarms and let your busy IT handle what’s really important.

Why Choose Us?

Inline IPS is always tricky as its primary function is to drop packets from your network communication. There are plenty of reasons why companies choose our professional Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services:

  • We do large scale (100+ devices) implementations and maintenance;
  • We tune and reorder policies in a meaningful nested manner;
  • We fix false positives without rule disabling;
  • We test your deployment for load and detection percentage.

Note: Threats can be missed or load to be undercalculated – make sure your security is top notch!

Firewall Training

In order to deliver the best security, your IPS/IDS needs an expert to set up:

  • CPU optimization
  • Rule set optimization
  • False positive reduction
  • Zone-based segregation

Most companies use the default settings for their IPS / IDS set ups, which leads to:

  • False positive events
  • Gaps in security
  • False feeling of security
  • Not using the full potential of the investment

Include IPS / IDS management into your firewall management subscription.

Let Us Manage Your Intrusion Protection

Get the continuity your business needs

IPS / IDS Positioning implementation into your network

Integration with SIEM for best visibility

Custom configuration in accordance with your environment

Test IPS/IDS performance and measure the detection rate

Optimize and automate routine operations

Provide detailed documentation of your solution

Continuous monitoring and reporting

Get Your IPS/IDS Managed

Send us your requirements to receive a custom quote or simply reach out to get more details.