Firewalls, IPSes, NGFWs, NGIPSes, what are these beasts about? How to narrow down their daily usage in simple steps easy for every newcomer? Is your deployment team ready to deploy 20+ devices and configure them in a proper manner? Is your SOC prepared to deal with all intrusion events? How is your NOC dealing with the alerts coming from the Firepower?

We can offer a few different kind of trainings covering the basic domains in which Firepower is being used. On-site or remote, with our labs, or with yours, we can boost your engineering team productivity in a matter of days.

Firewall Training

Security engineers are next to the doctor who heals you. You need to trust them as people and as professionals at the same time. Onsite visit can easily burn all the walls between us and let us have effective communication.

What will our engineer do onsite? — hands and eyes teams are doing great job, but we can also install the equipment which we are going to support for you.

Our engineers can also stay for a while until first results are visible, processes are established and we both are sure our future collaboration will have no disadvantages. Traveling from time to time is not a problem for us.

We can also provide onsite trainings. WebEx is a great tool to deliver support and knowledge, but direct contact will remain the best ways to communicate with relatively small groups of people.

What is good about using such an engineer? some time onsite and then remote, for example, or set up, config and train, and manage / support remotely? — they will understand your needs faster, will begin basic relationships with your team and deliver the most crucial phases of the project onsite.

Migrate Safely to a New Next-Generation Firewall

Send us your requirements to receive a custom quote or simply reach out to get more details about our services and the ways we can help you.